What’s new in the Design of Google Pixel 2?

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Pixel – the most that neither is a real “Google Smartphone”. As the main developer of Android, Google has designed their own successors Nexus line, which allowed her to take over full control over both the “hardware” and software. As a result, the company, like Apple’s iPhone, has managed to achieve optimization of the practical component of any Pixel: from the camera to the battery.

The unusual design of the Google Pixel 2 is the following package: Smartphone, documentation, a powerful charger, a needle to remove the SIM tray, two-sided wire USB-C, USB-A cable – USB-C and OTG-adapter with USB-C. Judging by the set, the Google actively pushes the USB-C standard that can only be welcomed. Of course, while it causes certain inconveniences, but they are solvable. Moreover, in standard embedded box prudently carried on USB with USB-C.

Walk through the elements. Above the screen is the front camera, earpiece, light and proximity sensors. The LED on the Pixel 2 also has a (hidden in the earpiece), but it is off by default and must be enabled in the Notification settings. Why Google decided not to use it? Because it felt that lights up when the notification screen provides a better experience. Left – tray under one nano-SIM. Right – the power button and volume rocker, the height of the location which could be lower. Off key rippled, gives a pleasant tactile sensation.

General tactile sensations from Google Pixel XL positive. However, it is important to understand that HTC, speaking Pixel collector models, has some difficulties with the creation of a minimum framework and padding. Therefore in size Pixel XL (154.72 x 75.74 x 8.58 mm) is not far from the rather big Apple iPhone 7 Plus (158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm). So, even if the iPhone 7 Plus certainly will seem large in this case, note 5 “Pixel – you get all the chips Pixel XL, but in a smaller format. As for the assembly, here HTC has surpassed himself (apparently, under the supervision of Google). Details tightly and smoothly adjusted to each other, creaks nothing (my HTC curve was 10 Home button and the front panel was uneven). In terms of practicality should pay attention to the back of the glass, slightly towering above the metal. It is unlikely to survive the fall and resists scratches as well as capable of the fourth generation of Gorilla Glass. So there are scratches over time will appear. If it bothers you, then I recommend to pay attention to labels or covers – you will not be difficult to order them from the United States or China.

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