How to Patent Products in Canada

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Are you looking to patent an Idea in British Columbia or Canada? If you want to patent an idea there are several things you need to do before you can get a patent for your product. Here’s what you need to know.

How to patent an idea or Product

aid1356171-728px-patent-a-recipe-step-4A patent is something that the Government of Canada or any other government grants to investors for a period which is usually 20 years. This is from the date of your filing for the rights to import, make, or sell your invention. In exchange for the patent society gains disclosure and after the patent expires, free use.

Your invention could be a new device, tool, or machine. It might be a new may to manufacturing something, new food, chemical or pharmaceutical. Your patent can also be an improvement over a product that already exists. In some cases, you will need a license from the owner of the original invention so you can improve upon it.


Three Criteria to Patent an Idea or Product

  • The invention must be new and not available before you filed for the patent. The applicant must be the original inventor.
  • The invention must show utility, which means it must have a function and work. You cannot patent it if it doesn’t work.
  • The invention must show inventive ingenuity. This means it can’t be recognizable by someone in that field.

What to Do and What Not Do


In British Columbia, Canada or any other place in Canada you must not give disclosure before you file your patent application to protect your invention. If you must do this use a Confidentiality Agreement or non-disclosure agreement. Make sure you also do a patent search before you file your application. Use Free Patents Online and Google Patents to do this as they are great search tools. This will ensure that your product is genuine and worthy of a patent. In the application, make sure the patent is well described. You need to show that the invention will have be unique. You want everything in order and file right away, to patent an idea or product so you beat any competitors to the patent first.

Check with the patent office to see what you can and cannot patent. Some things cannot have a patent like an abstract theorem or a scientific principle. Some examples of things you could patent might include: an improved screwdriver, new combustion engine, process to make an antibiotic. If the product is unique and not out there yet, you can put a patent on it.



Getting a patent is a step you want to take. The fees are quite high, but it’s worth it to have a patent for your product in British Columbia, Canada or the rest of the country. Talk with a professional like InventIt if you need help about your patent and make sure you follow all the rules and requirements before you get your patent. The government can help you sort things out if you need help with your patent.

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