3 Best Apps for Runners

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People throughout the country are trading a sedentary life for one that is a healthier choice. Of all outdoor activities, running has become the most popular throughout the U.S. To put that into perspective, there were 28,200 races held last year—the largest number of ever before. Of all of these running events, there were 19,025 people who completed the races—with additional people who couldn’t quite get to the finish line.

So for runners everywhere, it’s crucial to find a good app that not only records both time and distance, but also one that promotes running as a way of life—driving them to exceed and perform better.

For the top 3 running apps, the following are the best to consider using on a smartphone phone or wearable device:


  1. Google Fit

(Available to Android devices)

Google Fit only caters to Android devices—it’s comparable to Apple Health for iOS devices. It tracks standard fitness activity, such as speed, pace route, elevation etc. and can be used for multiple activities, not only running.  It can be used for walking, running, cycling and more.

Going a step further from providing the above mentioned fitness activities, goals can be set, based on: steps, time, distance, calories burned, nutrition, sleep & weight. Want to perform better? Google Fit provides recommendations to help you improve your workouts and stamina. It’s an easy-to-use, multi-functional app that essentially tracks everything without the need for multiple apps.

  1. Strava

(Available to iOS and Android devices)

While Strava does record time, pace, distance and calories burned, it does so much more to enhance the running experience. You can also set running goals—such as how far you’d like to go. This particular app caters to those with a strong competitive streak. It displays stats from the best runners worldwide as well other runners in the local vicinity. Knowing how others are running helps create a drive to achieve and strive for your ultimate best. Rankings are set based on a runner’s performance—doesn’t everyone want to be #1? So this is not your typical running app—Strava means real business.

  1. Runkeeper

(Available to iOS and Android devices)

There’s good news for people who wear an Apple Watch—this app can be used without carrying the iPhone with you. It’s all thanks to an update in late 2016. Yet this app can be used on Android devices as well. And unlike some other running apps, Runkeeper can record speed, distance on a treadmill—so it’s not just for outdoor running. All-in-all, it records all of your standard features, like pace, distance, time, heart rate, etc., but we like it because it can also create 20-minute workouts or set runs for 2 & 2.25 miles. Runkeeper is great for those just wanting to enhance their runs with these useful training features.

Which of these apps will benefit you most? It’s all about selecting the one that fits your own unique running needs. Try these out and see what you think. There are many other apps out there, but they won’t be as easy to use or be as engaging.

Andrea Fisher is a marketing copywriter for ADT home security. She thoroughly loves all things gadget-related. When she’s not writing about the latest tech, you can find her out running— training for her next marathon.

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